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Probate & Estate Administration

Our estate planning attorneys also assist with estate administration. In many states, probate avoidance is a primary estate planning goal. Fortunately, the probate process in Texas is more simplified then in some states.

Seeking Independent Administration

One strategy, unique to Texas, is to name your executor to seek independent administration. We can work with your named executor to finalize the administrative matters of your estate with minimal court involvement. This process generally permits us to pay estate debts, distribute certain assets and even sell estate property without prior approval from the probate court. This, of course, saves money for our clients.

Utilizing Trusts And Nonprobate Assets

Another popular strategy is to utilize probate avoidance strategies. Assets transferred into a trust may not require probate, although you must specifically fund the trust to utilize this benefit. In addition, certain types of property are classified as nonprobate assets. They can be transferred without the probate court’s involvement and completely circumvent the probate process.

Preparing For The Unexpected

Administrative services may also be required in the event of an accident or medical condition that leaves you without decision-making power. To prepare for this possibility, we might recommend the estate planning instruments of a medical power of attorney, a statutory durable power of attorney and a declaration of guardianship.

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