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Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than just drafting a last will and testament. While a will is a good starting point, a comprehensive estate plan will address multiple contingencies, including your preferences regarding life-sustaining medical care, asset transfers, naming one or more guardians for you and your estate in the event of your incompetency, and retirement needs. In addition, most clients want to minimize the administrative costs and hassle for their surviving loved ones by utilizing probate and tax avoidance strategies.

We Have The Experience To Address All Of Your Estate Planning Needs

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive approach to estate planning. If you come to us with questions about your retirement liquidity, we will analyze your options in the context of your estate planning goals. Those goals may be financial or personal. If you have concerns about caring for loved ones, we may recommend naming a guardian and setting up one or more trusts. If you are interested in probate and tax avoidance strategies, we will analyze how to best immunize your estate. If you own a business, we will customize our your plan for your business needs. If you are concerned about the probate and administration of your estate, we will offer strategies to streamline the process. Even if you want to ensure that pets are cared for after your passing, we have the tools to accomplish your goals.

Protecting Your Property

Another common question involves shielding retirement plan assets. We stay current on the most recent asset preservation strategies. To avoid early withdrawal penalties, we might suggest a creative solution, such as a promissory note. There may be similar strategies to avoid putting your business at risk.

Keeping Up With Changes In Your Life

We understand that significant life events will impact your estate plan. Changes in children or grandchildren, marital status, retirement plans and even your charitable giving intentions will require updates. We will efficiently update your estate plan so that it keeps up with your life.

Take Advantage Of Our Experience Today

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with a sound estate plan. We have the experience to accomplish your estate planning goals. Set up a free initial consultation today at our Beaumont office by calling 409-241-8615 or completing our online contact form.