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Business Transactions, Mergers And Disputes

Helping Your Business Adapt To Change

If there is one constant in business, it is change. Business operations involve an ever-changing flux of customers, vendors and professional relationships. Those operations may lead to an acquisition or merger. They may also lead to a disagreement. In all of these examples, your business obligations will likely be governed by contracts.

Protecting Your Contractual Rights

We are experienced business advocates and litigators. For over 50 years, we have assisted businesses in all stages of operations. We provide strategic counsel to owners regarding their business formation and entity selection options. We guide business through their entire spectrum of contractual obligations, ranging from opening negotiations through the resolution of disputes. Whether you are considering a corporate merger or filing a breach-of-contract claim, we have the experience to protect your interests.

Helping You Buy/Sell Your Business

If you are buying or selling your business, you need to understand how to structure the sale to minimize your capital gains taxes. As a seller, you must protect yourself in an asset sale agreement. We have the experience to advise you on the process of buying or selling and to help you avoid other common pitfalls.

Offering Careful Due Diligence

Our thorough due diligence is a proactive approach to avoiding transactional disputes. Yet if disagreements arise, we are skilled litigators. We determine our litigation strategy based on the most practical solution. We are open to cost-effective approaches, such as settlement negotiations or alternative dispute resolution methods, if they seem likely to yield a favorable outcome. Yet if discussions fail, we are skilled litigators who know how to prepare for a tough showing in court.

Providing General Counsel Services

We also offer general counsel services and can serve as a registered agent for your company. Many of our small-business clients prefer this cost-effective alternative to having an in-house general counsel. For these clients, we review contracts and advise them on their potential legal obligations or exposure. This is an essential service, as the warranties and representations, or so-called “fine print” in a contract, can result in nasty surprises. Other proactive contract strategies that we might recommend include a letter of intent or a noncompete and confidentiality agreement. In the event of a breach, we also help these clients to enforce their contracts.

Contact An Experienced Business Attorney

If you need a single law firm to offer you personalized service while comprehensively protecting your business, we are the right choice. Schedule an initial consultation at our Beaumont office to learn more about our business law practice. You may complete our online contact form or call us at 409-241-8615.