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A Tradition Of Excellence

Since our founding in 1971, we have combined the exceptional client service of a small law firm with the professionalism of a much larger firm. As a father and son team, we also closely collaborate to bring our clients the best legal outcome. Today, our client-centered approach has made us a trusted legal resource for business, estate planning and personal injury clients in Beaumont and the Greater Houston community.

Our Attorneys’ Credentials

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Offering Efficient Client Solutions

We understand that our clients desire efficient resolutions. For our business and personal injury clients, we typically exhaust out-of-court negotiations before resorting to litigation. Even for our estate clients, we offer only the services that accomplish their asset transfer and probate avoidance strategies, without extraordinary costs.

Transforming Initial Contacts Into Rewarding Professional Relationships

Our respect for our clients’ time has actually resulted in longer professional relationships. After resolving the initial issue for our business clients, many clients continue to retain our services for subsequent matters such as business needs, estate planning strategies, or ongoing corporate counsel issues. The fact that many of our clients not only refer us, but continue to seek our services says a lot about us.

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Living and working in our local community provides us an opportunity to provide exceptional legal counsel and client service. For a free initial consultation at our Beaumont office, call 409-241-8615. You may also complete our online contact form.