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Our Personal Injury Practice

Serving As Your Advocate

After an injury or accident, you need a legal advocate to stand up for your interests. If someone’s negligence was the cause of your injuries, the law provides a mechanism for holding that individual accountable.

Gathering The Evidence For Your Claim

When you contact our attorneys, you can take confidence in knowing that we have experience in building every aspect of a personal injury claim. From preserving and gathering evidence to working with experts to establish the applicable standard of care, we will aggressively prepare your case for trial.

Proving Negligence In Different Contexts

We understand how to prove negligence in many different factual contexts. Our personal injury experience includes bringing claims involving motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs and other products liability claims, slip-and-fall accidents, and third-party workplace accidents. This litigation experience is important because the standard of care, against which the negligent party’s actions are measured, is industry specific, rather than uniform.

Maximizing Your Recovery

It may be tempting to accept an early settlement offer. However, the first offer is rarely in your best interest. When calculating your damages, it is important to assess not only your immediate medical and property costs, but also any long-term implications. You may have long-term care needs, reduced earning capacity and chronic pain. We will work with medical experts to properly determine your future needs. We apply this analysis regardless of whether you are bringing a personal injury or a workers’ compensation claim.

We will also pursue all avenues of recovery for your claim. In addition to holding the responsible party accountable in a personal injury claim or receiving benefits under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy, there may be additional sources of assistance. We are also familiar with the Social Security Administration’s process for pursuing disability benefits, in particular.

Contact A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident, you may need to focus on your medical recovery. Let our attorneys advocate for your legal rights. Contact our Beaumont office at 409-241-8615 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation today.